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Delight Food Styling and Photography

Food styling and food photography with a distinct style and a passion for artistic perfection. Food photographer is Erwin Obcemea.We shoot food, people, architecture, and travel for editorial and advertising clients. Based in Manila, Philippines.

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Photography, who need a pro? Do it ya’ self.

Speaking as a photographer I can tell you that digital cameras are so advanced that they actually do a pretty good job all by themselves. So is there really any point in hiring a professional when photography has never been easier?

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What Makes a Great Headshot

Headshots are professional portraits created for Actors Models and Business People alike here are my views on what makes a great headshot. My views are my guideline on how I proceed with each client.

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Portrait Retouching Can Be Done for Commercial or Personal Effects

Portrait retouching is ethical as long as it is done with the sole purpose of enhancing the exquisiteness of the image. It hardly matters if it is done for commercial or personal purpose.

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Best Online Solution for Instant Picture Recovery

Have you ever think what will you do when your digital camera or other removable media has been accidently formatted and your all picture has been lost or damaged? Calm down! Read this article for quick recovery of missing pictures from fixed drive.

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The Importance of Great Photography

Retailers are under growing pressure...

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Repair corrupted, damaged or virus infected photos.

Our software developers offers you secure digital photo recovery software to recover your corrupted, virus infected, lost or damaged digital pictures, photos, snaps from computer hard disk drives, USB drives and other removable storages devices.

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Software to retrieve lost data form corrupted memory card

Standard memory card data recovery software provides best alternative to regain all deleted or missing data, files and folders from logically corrupted inaccessible USB removable mass storage devices.

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Montreal / Quebec Picture Perfect--The Only Location You Need For All Your Photo Shoots

" Shooting in Montreal and Quebec means more then Dollar and Sense--

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Digital Photography. When Bigger Megapixels Doesn't Mean Better.

The dash is on for digital cameras bloated with more and more megapixels. Should we get sucked in or should we forget these claims that more megapixels mean better quality images?

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Commercial Photography and Your Business, the Reason Why You Should Call in The Pro!

In this article I'll endeavor to sell you the value of professional photography and why I consider it could prove invaluable in improving your sales plus improving your brand image.

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Professional Photography: A Clients Guide to Digital Production Fees.

Now that film and scanning is all but extinct, I'll explain why Photographers needs to charge a digital processing fee. In this article I'll cover all the facets of the digital photography workflow from capture through to final presentation.

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Clipping Paths in Product Photography.

Got some products you need photographing? In this article I'll introduce you to Clipping Paths and emphasize their many advantages in Pack Shot and Product Photography.

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Monitor Calibration and Profiling in Product Photography.

Ever contemplated why your digital files look flawless onscreen yet once printed often appear dull, lifeless and dogged by unsightly colour castes? In this article I'll focus on the importance of monitor calibration.

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Choosing The Right Photographer!

When Choosing The Right Photographer; Insist on Talent First, Technical Know-How Second

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How to hire a photographer

The need for images in every aspect of life or business remains strong for two reasons, photographs do two things, they create a record and they convey a message. When deciding to use an image your conclusion is probably based on a decision that the image will deliver your message or record your subject/activity better than you could otherwise do, or so you hope...

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